Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Whatchu fightin' for?

I had a crappy day. Got some bad news, didn't have enough food at lunch, couldn't write to save my vida, and come workout time, just when I was ready to blast off some steam, the pain, the stiffness behind my knee, made my kicks limp and the stretches short and sad.

The good news is I fought through and didn't quit (dude, I was so close, though). However, my quiet rage transformed the bouncing balls into targets of the worst kind. I.e. the balls became faces. One after another, all the people who have wronged me just started popping up and boinging around, and yes, despite my totally ahimsa state of mind, I started busting those suckas like there was no tomorrow. That disturbed me a little, but this happens. Mental slips, diet slips, meditation slips. Slip and slide! Have a piece of dark chocolate and move on!

The even better news is that the Jersey Housewives have also been learning how to defend themselves. Peep it! It looks like Teresa is preparing her little girls for future beefs (I hope no table turning) via tae kwon do lessons, in which Papa Joe also participates (dude those girls are badasses already!), and Danielle is under the impression that the other wives want to murder her (was it really necessary to bring the kids into the ring, D?).

All in all I think the women had great form and fought with tremendous heart!

Yeah, I know, this show is about as good for you as that malitol syrup I failed to successfully digest, but I just needed to get out of my head for a minute, and this show did the trick.

Got me thinking about women, fighting, defending. Pushing through when things are bleak, when you think you have nothing, when you think no one is on your side, when you're fighting in the dark, by yourself, with yourself. Ultimately, even if you have the best coaches on the planet, the best shoes, the best right hook the world has ever seen, you have to believe in yourself, right?

BUT IT REALLY HELPS if from time to time, someone tells you how great you're doing!

So here's to TEAM CRANE and all the brave men and women of KFB, the Pilot Season. You guys are warriors!!


  1. Yeah, odd how the core of everything is really believing in yourself, or maybe that's not so odd. As I've become more aware of myself (with age & and even with this PCP), I've noticed how my inner state really changes how people around me react to me. It's like when I'm in love with myself, the people around me are in love with me, but when I'm down on myself, it's like the whole world is trying to kick me down.

    Still...Shivani you're doing great! I've been following you on here for a while and love the triangle ab thing you had going on! I'm looking forward to losing the last bit of tummy fat and seeing a triangle pop out.

  2. Yeah, you're doing awesome and you look hot!

  3. Shivani! Shivani! Shivani! unstoppable and enduring. Getting stronger in her mind and body! Shivani!!

  4. Shivani, I agree that people need more encouragement. It's something that should be a regular part of friendship. Thus, I encourage you!

    Jenny, I've noticed the same thing. Every person could use a little more confidence.