Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Heights!

This stuff hella works! Last night as I was doing my kicks in front of my stove timer, I noticed how much higher my legs are soaring (like, a foot above my counter top!). Hells yeah!

The best part was, my brother, who just flew in from Spain, who I haven't seen since January (right before I started PCP) said I look like a yoga teacher! Thanks Sanj! Is there a better compliment?

On the mental front, I'm seeing significant improvements. I have way more patience - with my students, with my body as I'm stretching, even as I'm moving around the city. I no longer rush, shout at rude men who holler, threaten to beat people (even if they deserve it), show up early to places, or panic about being late.

I'm relieved about this because I just came off a week of serious low energy, in which I skipped two workouts completely, then did 1/2 of the exercises for Days 68-69. It was weird. For the first time in like seven months, I couldn't get my body to move. I mean, either I flake on my workout or I don't. Stopping half-way never occurs to me...I suppose I was rolled up in a combo of mental and physical exhaustion.

I think what inspired me to crawl out of the depths of this hot, lonely, sad valley was seeing Miss Peaky Keen Hottie ELENA at the Co-op. That girl rules, and so do her biceps!!

Hoping I can keep riding this wave of high energy!


  1. No better compliment—and it couldn't be more TRUE! Really awesome breakthroughs...can't wait to get back to NYC and hear all about it (and see those kicks in action)!

    Get it, girl!

  2. Way to go Shivani! I'm with you - I tend to go whole hog, or not at all (and then feel guilty ...)

  3. 'I no longer threaten to beat people (even if they deserve it)'... heheh...Explain plz. o.0

  4. Start adding a slap hand every few days to gauge your kick height.

  5. @ Jessica: Really, I'm not a violent person. I get angry when I see things that are unjust, and sad, and scary. Which is ALL around in NYC! I saw this guy being very awful to a girl on the subway platform, and yes, for a second I imagined doing my targeted straight, hook, upper combo on him!


  7. Just reading this post now - I'm so glad that we ran into each other in the co-op that day!!!

  8. Nothing like a compliment to keep on working out when the body wants a vacation!
    It's so good to notice changes in one's attitude. Your cool, calmed attitude is what I need to survive in my hometown now!