Monday, June 28, 2010

Whining, Dining, Kung Fu Timing

I've been putting off this little whine-fest I'm about to launch into for about a week and a half, only because I wanted to give the new diet a shot. By "new" I mean the infamous dinner of apple, banana, egg white.

Right now I think God is laughing at me. Laughing because I was so smug about being spared this concoction while on the PCP. I kept waiting for it - every week I'd open that New Diet email thinking, Patrick's gonna get me this time. Sort of like that family in Shirley Jackson's The Lottery who think they're going to get stoned, because it's what they do every summer to ensure a good harvest. I'm kidding!

But seriously, I couldn't think of a worse punishment (and failed to see the logic in eating fruit at night when unlimited steamed spinach with that egg white is pretty damn healthy, too!)

Ok, sorry for that drastic (and jaded) response.

But wait, can someone explain the banana apple thing? Why not apple and kiwi? Grapefruit and peach?

What ends up happening is I eat part of this fruity dinner early, maybe after capoeira, or after my two mile walk home. Or after a long afternoon during which I've had tea with milk for snack. Then I do the KFB work out and eat the "evening snack" of veggies and egg white as my real dinner. And while 140 grams isn't exactly sparse, I'm not sure why I can't eat all the cucumber and lettuce I want. And, ahem, weren't we promised more AMAYW items on KFB?

Now that I'm done whining, I'll also say that perhaps I deserve some cutbacks. I've been straying from the diet, and not sensibly. I'll try to control my hunger, and then, after not being able to get through a particularly physically strenuous day, I'll head for the peanut butter like a wild woman (yeah, Emily, I feel ya).

I can safely say I'm over that phase. I think? Wait, one more gripe. Have you seen 60 grams of oatmeal? It's like, a tablespoon and a half...guess I need to find something lighter for breakfast.

But seriously, I'm not seeing dramatic results in my weight/size, so I've got to recommit here. And stop whining about how I just finished PCP. Shouldn't it be easier to continue on the road to wellness armed with the knowledge that I'm capable of sticking to a plan?

Here's a photo of me showing off some new muscles. I call them surfer boy muscles, but really, I had a more scandalous term for these when I was 13 (thanks to my gaggle of beach going friends. We'd swoon when we spotted these bad boys on badass beach boys).

They're the muscles that run in a V from your waist down to your thigh. I've never had them before!

If you zoom in, you can see my new favorite bodily addition...VEINS!

Let's go BRASIL!!!


  1. If you have a juicer, juice the apple, then make a smoothie with the apple juice, the banana, and raw egg white. Add cinnamon or nutmeg or if you're feeling sassy cardamom. If milk or yogurt is part of the plan, throw that in there, too.

  2. The apple can be switched out for other stuff. The banana is for digestion and to get some carbs up in there.

    Love the V. And the viens. Badass! Talk at me if you're suffering too much with fruit dinner. I'm on it too if it makes you feel any better!

  3. Yowza!! How is that "not seeing dramatic results"?! I believe those super badass muscles weigh something. Also they occupy space. But they look amazing! (Says the girl who tries not to get on the scale b/c of those last 5 lbs of baby weight which will. not. go. away. I keep telling myself it's b/c of breastfeeding, that my body is hoarding the extra fat.)

  4. I'm getting a blender and sticking it out! Who doesn't love a cold shake for dindin when it's 120 degrees!

  5. You look great!

    I hear you on the "white" dinner - although, to be honest, I'm pretty full up after the apple and banana. My complaint is that in this weather, my bananas go ripe instantly! I'm gonna have to start freezing them and using them in smoothies ...

  6. Estagiaria, you have the best recipe suggestions!

    Poca, those muscles are bad ass! OMG, this morning was the first time I've measured bfast in a week. Seriously with the 50 g of a.m. carbs? I measured my Israeli couscous and was like, this must be a joke. :-) Maybe tomorrow I'll have half a piece of toast.

    I am curious how they come up with these weekly diets, too, though. It seems so random, though I know there's a method...