Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Girl down

I've had a high fever since Tuesday morning. I'm shivering even though it's 90 degrees outside!

It must have been something I ate because I've basically taken up permanent residence in the bathroom. Like the mediation tears, SOMETHING HAS TO COME OUT!

I couldn't do yesterday's workout. My meal plan consisted of two crackers. Today I'm still very nauseous.

I decided to meditate in the morning. It's something I've seen my mom do, and since I can't get my body to jump in the morning, I figured sitting down wouldn't be so bad. And maybe it would bring some calm to my discomfort of feeling so weak.

Ha. My mind was jumping all over the place (all those things I'd have to start doing!) but then, I tried the "I'm breathing in, I'm breathing out." Much better. Somewhere in the black matter behind my eyes, a pulsating glowing star appeared, and it too was breathing in and out. It helps when you have a visual.

I felt a difference when I started my morning business. Normally I'm doing 14 things at once (and never to completion). I'll start making the bed, then realize I want tea, then realize I need to write someone an email, and then the milk for my tea boils over and I have to clean the stove, and so I leave the email half-written, and then I'm hungry, but then I have to make my bed, so the egg burns too...does anyone else have mornings like these?

After the meditation, I completed the tasks with much more calm and focus. One thing at a time. It really works!


  1. mornings like that? That reads like my waking LIFE :)

    Hope you feel better soon! I had a stomach virus many years ago, which was miserable until I discovered I felt fine - so long as I ate nothing and drank nothing but water ...

  2. Take it easy Shivani - Don't ever do it.

  3. Oh no!! I hope you're feeling better.

  4. Get well. Rest as much as you can.
    Did meditation helped you feel better?

  5. "Exert yourself in the way that points directly to your original Buddha nature and the treasure house will then open of itself. So be able to enjoy it." - Dogen