Monday, May 31, 2010

Exercising with Nature

I grew up exercising in natureza. Hawai'i is where I would like to raise children, so that they too can learn to swim in choppy surf, run up mountains, climb up sloping palm trees, do handstands in their friends' backyards, surf, body surf, boogie board, all that! When you move your body in a way that compliments/uses/celebrates your surroundings it just feels better. Like planting yourself in the right soil.

In New York you have to try a little harder but it's possible. Prospect Park goes off in the summer and you can find people doing all sort of routines near the lake, under trees, between trees, on the rolling hills.

After capoeira class in the park, I brought this melon home. My awesome friend Renee helped me carry it took these (thanks girl!). I couldn't ask for a better medicine ball. Thank you mother nature! I had some fun with it.

I started off Memorial Day by working out with Emily in the park. How awesome was that? We realized we had different interpretations of the kicks (this was before we received Patrick's email) so it was fun to try out each other's "style." We even got to sing a capoeira song while in plow position!

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  1. Beautiful stuff! Workouts don't have to be a drag!