Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 3! What I'm doing here....

HELLO KFB peeps!! I'm so happy to be here, along with my Badass Sisters from Jan-April 2010, the recently complete PCPers Heather Lin and Lili. That's what I'm talking about ladies! I'm totally thrilled to be working with you again, along with the rest of the alums!

I decided to rock KFB because PCP very recently rocked my world, and I wanted to learn even more ways to take care of myself. Oh yeah, and I'm hella excited about becoming a warrior (I love punching, kicking, stretching, and sitting in silence), especially after my last week of falling hard off the wagon...

So here's the deal...up until about day 112, I was feeling pretty fit and healthy. I continued eating vegetables like they were going out of style, and tried to exercise 4-5 times/week according to Patrick's maintenance plans (though I did avoid the chest dips and jump squats....not my faves). The belt buckled in the same place, I was even getting the hang of pistol squats.

But then, as I considered the upcoming dietary restrictions, my rebellious streak ignited. I went buck wild with the wine, the nuts, the cheese, etc. I spent the weekend on Fire Island, where I was in the perfect place and mindset to indulge. Granted, it was only for three days, but after some serious meals and cocktails, I already feel that little extra padding in the midsection (photo to come - proof that a few days of face stuffing can un-rock your abs), the major the loss of energy, the weird stomach issues. Basically, I feel like CRAP!! I'm moody, tired, and angry at the world. Get this junk out of me dude!

What better way to cure this junk food hangover than the start of something new and amazing? I'm excited for this journey!


  1. Woot! Let's kick it Shivani! (and .. ssssshhh... I fell of the wagon too ...)

  2. Shivani!!!!! so cool to be here again with you and Heather.
    Waiting for your KFB stories!!