Thursday, May 27, 2010

More tears...

I cried again today in meditation. Was it because it went on for ten minutes and my back kind of ached? Or because my forward bend was a joke and a half (and also painful - the behind the knee pain is baaaaacckkk). I had to stop midway and bend the right leg. Or - and here's what I think it is - we just got the diets, and I was picturing myself spooning couscous onto the food scale again, not being able to eat the whole apple anymore (like I did today after my awesome run in the park, with pure joyful abandon. Damn, just when I was getting used to my mammoth fruit portions!), standing in a corner at summer barbecues looking like a weirdo (a graceful, lean, enlightened weirdo. And hey, veggie kabobs rule dude).

I feel all sad and pensive, but no particular thoughts are coming to mind. Whatever I cried about has to be released, so I guess this is a good thing! And yes, the Lord Google says this is normal. Happens all the time...

We'll see what happens tomorrow. Any ideas for good unprocessed breakfast carbs?


  1. Shivani! As long as you're okay I guess the tears are fine. I'm just wondering what I'm going to say to my wife when my meditation tears start aflowing.

    Great work!

  2. Hmm, something definitely needs to come out. How're your stress levels?

  3. +1 on the oatmeal. Gwen and I are particular fans of Steel Cut Oats. Biggest thing to be aware of is the fact that they take 30-45 minutes to prepare. But, damn, are they good.

    Also, regarding the tears... I'd explore it. Take an extra 15 minutes (or an hour or two) and really sit with those feelings. I agree with Patrick. I'm willing to bet that the fact that you are crying means that it is right under the surface, ready to be opened. Relax into it.

    Namaste, Shivani.

  4. Aaah the steel cut oat. It's made me late for work so many times! I'll have to plan ahead...

    I think my stress level is pretty high, though I've been feeling better equipped to "deal" with difficult situations since starting this project. Let's see what happens today!

  5. Loooove steel cut oats. 2 tips: 1) soak them overnight, then they only take 20'. Or, make a giant batch ahead of time and microwave/steam to reheat individual portions. This saved me in grad school.