Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Slip and Slide

Hot child in the city! I just did my workout barefoot. The sweat on the floor made it easier to pivot for those sidekicks. Excessive sweating comes in handy sometimes. So, what's your KFB soundtrack? Because "Buy UA Drink" and "Birthday Sex" (uncensored) just don't sound right when you're in Shao Lin stance. Hips don't want to stay still, and hips don't lie, which is now a proven fact because I'm HELLA RESTLESS.

I just don't have the crazy enthusiasm I thought I would when I signed up for this. It's too soon to tell, yes, and maybe there is something valuable in learning how to complete a process without fanaticism. Or maybe I'm just used to doing these moves in the presence of a master/mestre/yogi/former champion. It seems blasphemous to be learning something so complex, so rich, via the WWW, without the fanfare, the ceremony, the oms, the heavy bags, the screaming coaches, the mirrors, the uniforms, the camaraderie, the instructors who are really named, like Frank, but call themselves Ganesh. I miss them.

I had my first craving for processed food today. After capoeira class, I was covered in a nice film of sweat. My dress stuck to my ribs as I hurried home in the mugginess. I ran into my friend, who was devouring this:

It's a Rice Dream non-diary somethingsomethingorganicnatural processed thing. He motioned for me to wipe my drool and then offered a bite. Literally he stuck the cold delishous chocolatey mess in my face. I said no. He said, "You're on another diet?"

YEAH. I'm on ANOTHER DIET world. Really?

I went back to my PCP blog and read the part about where I said I wanted a deeper mental transformation, which is not a damn diet.

So what words do you use to tell people what you're doing? And does it matter?

And I finally got around to the benchmarks (again, thanks to Emily!):

Standing Jump: 10"

Consecutive Ball Punches: 43

Toe Touching: Gots it. I feel all the little piggies.


  1. I know what you mean by not having the crazy enthusiasm this time.

    This time it feels like cool enthusiasm. Less anxiety about results, knowing better what makes you tick, remembering your weaknesses. Like meeting an old friend.

  2. I call it "grim enthusiasm" and it's very important for long term success. I know it's weird to use the web for a 2000 year old tradition, I wish I could get all you wonderful people in the same place for three months!

    You're doing great Shivani!

  3. I think you captured the lack of enthusiasm perfectly. I couldn't put my finger on the reason, but you're right. I miss the WHAP! of the kick-on-glove.

  4. I think the proper response would be: No, I'm not on a diet. I just don't eat those kinds of things anymore.

    Why does choosing what you eat have to be a "diet"?

  5. I say, "I'm off the sugar these days." It works.