Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Had Me at Freestyle

For some reason, I downloaded the workout for Day 39 instead of 37, and got myself a little surprise treat (sort of like opening up the Christmas presents early!).

I'm loving the new moves! The shadowboxing and freestyle kick sequences got me jamming all over the living room, feeling warrior-ish. So much more fun and satisfying than hitting that ball (in my case, an old golf ball I used to employ as a massager, back in the day when I had crazy shoulder pain. Haven't had to bust out that bad boy in a loooonnng time). The momentum of moving around the room adds force to the kicks and power to the punches. Good times!

Now that the workouts are shorter I can really linger and relax into the stretches. YUM. Feels awesome.

And my body is responding. I've got veins popping up all over the place and new muscles above my forearms, which I actually started petting today while I held plank pose. Cool stuff!


  1. Awesome photo I'd love to hear about how KFB and Capoeira are interacting.

  2. oh, woman, you are getting dangerous!!

  3. @ Patrick: I feel stronger and more controlled when I do capoeira. Speed and reacting to another player's moves are still huge challenges, but I feel much calmer and happier when I play.

    I used to get so stressed and self-conscious, but now I just enjoy the time I have to "converse" with my buddies!